Barupal Research Foundation

Mission : To improve people's lives through research and innovation.


The foundation was registered as a non governmental organization at Jaisalmer, India on in year 2007 with the aim to contribute in improving scientific education in India by using a holistic approach of language/information/logic/discussion. Over the course, several research and promotional activities have been included various programmes run by the foundation. It is activerly involved in public engagement on grass-root level to disseminate awareness about scientific research conducted on international level as well as to motiviate young students to adopt for career in research. One the main focus is to establish independent research agency to implement projects on various issues in health, agriculture and energy sectors.


  • Dinesh Kumar Barupal, PhD, Chairman, received PhD from Universit of Rajasthan, after spending 4 years at University of California Davis, USA for PhD and Post-doc research, joined International Agency for Research on Cancer, WHO in 2012. After spending three years at the agency, took the leadership role to increase the research activities of foundation. He is specailized in setting up projects and conducting research on exposome-wise association studies using untargeted metabolomics methods. He has published over 20 papers. Google Scholar Email :
  • Jitendra Kumar Baurpal, PhD, received PhD from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India, spent one year for PhD research at Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, USA. He has published 5 papers. He is specialized in bioinformatics of epigenomics methods.
  • Meena Panwar, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, JNV University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. India.Her research focuses on understanding biological mechanisms in plants which confer abiotic stress resistance mechanisms.